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Hadspen to Hagley & Westbury

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Westbus bus no.18 delivers school students to Hagley farm School (HFS). Interchange at Hagley Farm School (HFS) for bus #19 for Westbury Primary School (WPS).

The School Bus services are ONLY available for School Students.

Bus Stop A.M.
Hadfield Court & Bowdens Roadn Hadspen 8.25
Metro Bus Stop No. 29, South Esk Drive 8.27
Metro Bus Stop No. 30, South Esk Drive 8.29
Metro Bus Stop No. 31, South Esk Drive 8.30
Metro Bus Stop No. 32 8.32
Metro Bus Stop No. 33 8.33
842 Meander Valley Road 8.37
Illawarra Road turnoff 8.39
Hagley Farm Primary School 8.55
* students for WPS interchange onto bus # 17


Bus Stop P.M.
Hagley Farm Primary School 3.10
* students from WPS arrive on bus # 17
Illawarra Rd turn off - Tues & Thurs only 3.20
Cnr Meander Valley Road & Entally Road 3.23
Hadfield Court & Bowdens Road, Hadspen 3.28
Metro Bus Stop No. 29, South Esk Drive 3.29
Metro Bus Stop No. 30, South Esk Drive 3.30
Metro Bus Stop No. 31, South Esk Drive 3.31
Metro Bus Stop No. 32 3.33
Metro Bus Stop No. 33 3.35

Driver - Warren


Students will need to have a Student Greencard to use if they travel on a fare paying non-Metro bus service (this includes buses from Prospect and Hadspen to Hagley & Westbury school).  Have you received your Greencard ?

What is the Student Greencard ?

The Student Greencard gives students access to a discount fare on non-Metro buses and works like an ordinary Metro Greencard on Metro buses (Metro terms and conditions apply).  Students who already have a Metro Greencard need not apply for another card as they can use the one they already have.

What is the discount student fare ?

From 1 January 2012 on non-Metro fare paying buses the standard student fare will be $ 1.30.  The discount student fare will be $ 1.00.  To get the discounted fare, a student MUST use the Student Greencard.  If a student forgets their card they may be charged the standard student fare of $ 1.30.

Who is eligible for the Student Greencard ?

Any full-time student who: is less than 18 years of age or turning 18 during the school year AND travels on a fare charging non-Metro bus service to and from school.

What does it cost ?

The first Student Greencard is free, but if it is lost or is stolen there will be a fee for a replacement card.  A Student Greencard will be valid until the end of the school year in which the student turns 18.

How to apply

Fare Paying - If you already have a Metro Greencard you do not need to apply for a Student Greencard, you can use your existing card to access the discount fare on non-Metro services as well as using the card for Metro bus travel.

If you pay a fare on a non-Metro bus you will need to apply for a card. The application form is available from http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/passenger/student_travel or at Service Tasmania Shops.

If you will be travelling by Metro bus and do not have a Greencard you will need to apply to Metro for a Metro Greencard.  Visit https://www.metrotas.com.au/greencard/login

Free Travel entitlements

If you are eligible or think you may be eligible for free travel on a Westbus bus, please visit www.transport.tas.gov.au and click on Concession Information and Forms, Student Bus Pass for Free Travel, Guidelines and Application

IF YOU LIVE IN HADSPEN and do not already hold a free pass please complete the form for a free travel Greencard and place on the form in the area "1. ELIGIBILITY" tick (a) (b) and (c) as NO and write in "HOME AREA PASS" (in capital letters) for your reason for eligibility or the application may be rejected.

Current free pass holders will be automatically issued with a new Greencard.

There is no eligibility from DIER for the third + child/ren in a family to travel free.